Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic Co2 Diffuser II

Green Leaf Aquariums new Atomic CO2 Diffuser

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25 Responses to “Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic Co2 Diffuser II”

  1. aquazilla thought on :

    I will try to get more video up asap after the holidays. Thank you!

  2. bakernade commented on :

    hi there aquazilla, how much is this diffuser going for? i would really want one and i live in singapore.

  3. Mothification wrote on :

    I bought some ferts from you and they are working very nicely. By the way what is the white part made out of and does it need replacing after worn out? I may buy it also but it is out of stock at the moment.

  4. aquazilla said on :

    It only needs to be cleaned just as a regular glass diffuser would. Bleach and water mix, or H2O2 will also work. Letting them soak over night is best. Keep a clean one ready to go and just swap them out when its time for a bath.

  5. mishmosh2000 replied on :

    How do you keep the java fern looking so good? Mine always has black spots on them. Is it my water?

  6. gobanana11 commented on :

    i can actually hear these plants growing…haha

  7. NYREPS replied on :

    wow thats sick is that from a cylinder co2 or diy yeast suger bottle?

  8. TheSickdrift thought on :


  9. jdub7771 said on :

    I just bought two of these little bad boys. The tiniest co2 bubbles EVER!!! Great new products from Greenleaf as usual. I have bought stuff from these guys for years, and as the saying goes, “Orlando is best”! ;)

  10. Matt Cameron commented on :

    what kind of plant is that to the right and behind the diffuser?

  11. subtleserveyor commented on :

    Ahhhhhh I WANT one! … too bad I don’t have a CO2 tank. Just a simple DIY yeast mixture and an air stone attached to the top of my power filter. Do you think it’s enough for a *lightly* planted aquarium?

  12. subtleserveyor thought on :

    Oh, and how efficient is it? Seems like a lot of wasted CO2 to me. And: what are you using to create that stream of water that’s pushing the bubbles/plants down? Thanks!

  13. dnmukhra commented on :

    Great video. I am interested in purchasing the atomic co2 kit from GLA. Can you tell me if the 45mm diffuser that comes with the kit is sufficient enough for a 16 gallon tank? Thanks!

  14. aquazilla commented on :

    The 45mm will work no problem. The kit is specifically designed for all Atomic co2 diffusers. The 45mm would certainly be enough for your 16g tank.

  15. aquazilla commented on :

    It may appear so, but its actually the smallest co2 bubble being misted from the stone which in turn results in more surface area. The key is moving the mist through the plant beds to get them in contact directly with plants. Misting is far superior than reactors in that co2 comes directly into contact with the plants.
    Misting is preferred more so with professional escapist all over the world except the USA.

  16. aquazilla said on :

    Needle Leaf Java Fern

  17. aquazilla said on :


  18. aquazilla wrote on :

    Full pressurized co2 system from Green Leaf Aquariums

  19. aquazilla replied on :

    Good light, and excellent co2. Along side nutrients and good care.

  20. aquazilla commented on :

    Its a ceramic media.

  21. aquazilla commented on :

    I will do my best!

  22. subtleserveyor commented on :

    Ok. That would explain why there aren’t very many videos that have this then. I would get one, but it seems like it would require space for the pump. Plus I don’t have any money. Again, how are you creating the stream of water that’s pushing the bubbles? Thanks!

  23. aquazilla replied on :

    No pump necessary, this is coming from a pressurized co2 system. The stream of water is created by a canister filter exiting out of a glass filter pipe. All of this can be seen at Green Leaf Aquariums

  24. thatsadkid said on :

    This won’t work with DIY bottle, will it?

  25. aquazilla wrote on :

    Unfortunately not.

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